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Quickly makes 2 copies in a single backup!
The NVS2825 supports the USB3.0 Host connection; it makes two copies at the same time--much faster than previous NVS models.
Connect an external USB hard drive using the supplied USB3.0 cable to
the USB3.0 host port on the NVS2825.
(The power or an external battery must be connected to the NVS2825.)
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Video/Photo Preview and Audio Play
The NVS2825 can display video footage taken with professional video cameras on a 2.4" color TFT LCD and can also enable the playing of sound through an audio jack located at the bottom of the device.
When previewing the copied data, you can change the play speed from 1x to 64x.
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Easier & Faster Production at the Editing House/Station
Use your editing tool, such as Final Cut Pro, to produce a finished video from the pre-edited content--fast!
Open [nextoid2.htm] file that is located under root folder and use it as editing guidance
Import the EDL to editing systems
*The EDL is located inside of [NvsAir -> nextoedt] folder
Using the NVS2825 as a Hard Drive
Connect to the computer's USB3.0 slot via the NVS2825 USB3.0 slot and USB3.0 cable.
The NVS2825 also supports the USB2.0 PC interface.
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Insert a memory card into the corresponding memory slot. The NVS2825 detects the type of memory card automatically and shows 3 backup modes on the LCD screen.
The NVS2825 will make a new folder on the hard disk and copy all the files and folders in
the memory card onto the internal hard disk. (Copy speed: 10sec/GB)

After fast copy, the data on the memory card is compared with the copied data in the
NVS2825 hard drive. Each bit is verified.
Befoe copying data, the NVS2825 verifies that its hard drive area is safe, If a bad sector is
detected, a new, safe area is found then fast copy will begin.
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Export the NVS2825's contents to the external USB hard drive without using a computer!
Connect the external USB hard drive to the USB3.0 Host port of the NVS2825.
The NVS2825 allows you to make a secondary copy of the backup folder to an external USB hard drive without a computer.
A new folder can be copied to the external hard drive if it resides in the NVS2825 unit, but not in the external hard drive. (The NVS2825 will copy only new footage to the external hard drive!)
NVS2825 (Source)
USB External HDD (Target)
Copied Data
Copied Data
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Motion/Free-Fall Sensor & Rubber Bumpers
Motion Sensor:
The embedded motion sensor detects vibrations that can cause damage to internal hard drive. NVS2825 displays a warning message on LCD when it detects shake or shock motion. It also cut-off power before it hits the ground when it detects droping motion to protect the internal hard drive.
Free-Fall Sensor:
Tums off power during falls
Rubber Bumpers:
Protects against impact
Smart Data Management: Previous operational status display
If an error occurs during backup, the error message will be displayed. The NVS2825 will automatically turn off to save battery power.
When you turn NVS back on, it will show the results from the previous backup. You will thus know whether the last backup was successful.
During the boot sequences, NVS2825 displays a warning if there were any bad sectors detected on the internal drive.