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Iron-Clad Professional Service  


Iron-Clad Professional Service Policy

NEXTO DI Professional backup devices are built TUFF to withstand the everyday abuses of professional videographers and photographers in the field. However, as good as high technology is, things can happen. In recognition of all working industry professionals, NEXTO DI USA understands that you need to be able to rely upon your equipment to work. That is why we created the Iron-Clad Pro Service Policy so you can rest assured that we are watching your back!

Once your NEXTO professional backup unit is registered with us and you have purchased the Iron-Clad Pro Service policy, we will be ready to assist you in the unlikely event that your unit stops working properly. We understand that even the best equipment can fail so we will ship a refurbished replacement unit to you overnight via Fedex, or equivalent carrier at our sole discretion.

After contacting our Technical Department via email, and receiving an Emergency RA #, simply send the defective unit to us and give us the tracking number and we'll RUSH a refurbished replacement, or comparable, unit to you within 24 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. You'll be ready to get back to work the next day because we've got your back!

Now the legal stuff:

1.You can purchase the Iron-Clad Pro Service anytime within the first 3 months from the original date of purchasing the NEXTO DI device. Your eligibility for coverage under the Pro Service Policy starts from your hardware purchase date and extends until the end of the original warranty period. NEXTO DI USA strongly recommends that you purchase the Iron-Clad Pro Service Policy soon after your hardware purchase when registering the product to maximize the additional benefits provided under the terms of the policy. 2. There is a one-time charge for the Iron-Clad Policy of $500 along with a copy of the sales receipt with serial number. 3. When returning a defective unit for replacement, it is necessary that you provide us with a valid credit card in case of fraud and we do not receive the defective unit as stated within thirty days from the date of issuance of the RA #. Your credit card will not be charged prior to that time. 4. All provisions of NEXTO DI's standard two-year warranty apply and this is not to convey that we will be responsible for damage caused by mishandling, natural disaster, stomping bulls, mortar rounds, alien attacks or children under three. 5. Neither NEXTO DI USA nor International Supplies shall be responsible for the failure of the carrier to deliver as contracted. We promise simply to use the fasted service that FedEx offers and we will provide the tracking number when the package is shipped. We reserve the right to change or adapt this policy at any time.

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