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[ND2901] Firmware V1.50 - [Update] Incremental Copy 2015-12-10

This is the firmware for ND2901. Check your model number on the back of the unit before upgrade the firmware.

From the V1.50 firmware, [Update] function is completely changed. You can freely delete or change photo/video file inside your memory card. ND2901 allows update(incremental copy) for those deleted/changed memory card too.
See [ND2901_Update_EN.pdf] for more details on [Update] function.

Download the firmware to your computer and unzip it.
Then copy the firmware file(NEXTOMS.BIN) to the root directory of your ND2901 or any memory card.
Then select [FIrmware Update] at the menu of ND2901.

For details on firmware upgrade, refer to the \'firmware_upgrade.pdf\' document contained in the zip file.

For the details on \'Incremental Copy\' function, check following link.

* V1.50 (2015.12.09)
- Complete change on [Update] feature (See details in [Details on Update.pdf] file)
- Accept deleting files or changing metadata files from the memory card.
- Maintain the backup folder contents always the same as memory card.
- Deleted files shall be moved to [ND2901_Trash] folder.
- Changed files shall be moved to [ND2901_Changed] folder.
- If there are any deleted folder, [Update] will not work.
- Do not check the battery, if external power (including USB power) applied.
- Draw power from the USB cable(if connected) during the memory card operation(copy/verify/update).

* V1.09 (2015.6.23)
- Compatibility fix.
- Canon XA20 makes unusual directory structure which ND2901 cannot manage correctly and generate [802D] error. This firmware work around the problem. If the file count in one folder does not exceed 400ea, ND2901 will back up memory cards without problem.
- Change the order of showing photo files at [Show Photo] menu. When [Show Photo], ND2901 shows photo from the last one.

* V1.08 (2015.5.8)
- Fixed compatibility issue with drive capacity bigger than 2TB. But External USB drive reporting sector size bigger than 512 byte is not supported.
- Added support for memory card from Lytro-illum camera

* V1.04 (2014.12.30)
- Added support for Germany(V1_04_ND2901_ENG_DE.zip)
- Added support for Photo from Android phone
- Added support for Pentax DNG file.
- More flexible Update(Incremental copy) function

* V1.03(2014.8.18)
- Fix comnpatibility issue with Sandisk UDMA7 CF. Changed PIO mode timing.
- Increase Power up standby time to 30 sec for some SSD which needs longer booting time.
- Added Smart Phone connection selection. Seel below for more detail.

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